I can blog, but can I write?


I’m a blogger.

That I know I can do. And I know others would say I’m a blogger, too. I’ve blogged daily, a few times a week – which appears to be the pattern developing with this blog –  and as little as once a week. I’ve blogged for content mills, several start-up blogs, and one noted blog – technorati, which is now gone, sadly. I’ve written on gaming, technology, finance, international trade, food, energy, and… Well, pretty much anything someone wanted me write.

I know I can blog, because I’ve done it in the past. I’ve done it every day for months. I can sit down and hammer out 250-500 words for my blog or your blog, anytime you want, on pretty much any topic you want. I can deliver copy on time and consistently and I’ve been paid to do it (Remember, I’m unemployed, now. so if you’re looking for a blogger, send me a message.)

So I know I’m a blogger.

But can I write?

Or more specifically can I write fiction? Can I sit down and produce 500 words of writing every day and produce something others will want to read?

That’s my goal. I’d like to sit here one day and say, I’ve been published here and there. I’d like to say,  I write 1000 words of fiction, every day. I’d like to say, that a few people have liked what I do and have even published it.

It’s not a particularly lofty goal, I know, but I’m trying to keep my goals modest.

So while I’m a blogger, I don’t actually consider myself a writer, yet.

I know I’m quibbling and perhaps it’s a too fine a distinction. If you sit in your basement, and write and write, pouring out thousands of words a day, but no one reads them but you, are you a  writer?

Yes, of course. Technically, that makes you a writer. I won’t deny that. But I want a little more. For me, I want others to say I’m a writer. I want someone, somewhere to use the adjective writer when they talk about me.

That’s not too lofty a goal, I hope.





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