Finding a beta reader.

All of this would probably be easier if I was a member of an online writing group. That might be in a post for another day. Think of this as a learning experience and you all get to come with me.

How do I find a beta reader?

That’s my current task.

How does anyone find anything these days? We ask our friends. Haha. Noooooo, we don’t. We google it.

A quick search (Are there slow Google searches?) gave me a variety of results. I searched on beta readers and finding beta readers. This brought up some of the more popular writing sites, plus some interesting articles. I’ve listed a few below:

How to find a beta reader by Belinda Pollard – Belinda has an entire section on beta readers. Her site comes up first in the finding beta readers search. Good job on the SEO. 😀

Beta Readers’ HubA tumblr for beta readers

Writing Feedback: The Ultimate Guide to Working with Beta Reader by Amanda Shofner

I also found what looks like a pretty good writing community, Absolute Write. They also have a beta readers forum. I might take a look at them, later on. But right now (write now?), I’ve decided to go with the goodreads beta reader group. Why? I like goodreads. As good a reason as any.

Tonight or tomorrow, I’ll try to find a beta reader for my novelette. I’ll probably get a couple of people to beta read it, then try to find a pro editor. Then, on to finding a graphic artist for the cover. I’d like to get the novelette up on smashwords by the end of the month. Too optimistic? Maybe. We’ll see.


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