My Book, Cauldron Born, on AmazonCara Hughes is an antiques dealer whose biggest problems are keeping the business she loves afloat and trying to find a decent boyfriend in the all too self-important city of Washington, DC. All that changes one day when she buys an ancient, Celtic cauldron at an auction.

Cara’s cauldron has been sought through the centuries by the undead dewin, Willin Mathowych. When the cauldron resurfaces in Cara’s possession, Mathowych is drawn both to the cauldron and to her. At the same time, two mysterious women enter Cara’s life. They, too, seek the cauldron, but they have other interests and Cara is one of them.

The cauldron and those who desire its power will draw Cara Hughes into a world of Celtic myth, magic and horror. The forest will answer the call of a goddess; the sword of legend will be wielded; leanan sidhe will seduce the weak; and the Bowman will target his prey, again.

And the Cauldron Born will once again walk the earth.

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