Monitor review: A pro article example

This article is from 2011. It’s not at all pertinent, today, not as a review of monitors, but I thought this might be useful to see. It’s a good, short example of what a finished article looks like when it’s sent off to a publisher.

The product links are removed at the publisher – in this case, SmartComputing; they’re there so the editor can double-check my work. At the bottom of the article are references to images with accompanying text explaining the images. The images are posted or emailed separately.

HED is short for headline and DEK is short for deck, which is a journalism term for the part of the headline that summarizes the story.

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HED: Affordable Monitors

DEK: A good monitor doesn’t have to be expensive

Do you spend a lot of time in front of your computer? Do you create your own videos or edit your photographs? Or are your work days filled doing online research and word processing. Whether you’re browsing the web, laying out your company’s product catalog, or making an instructional video, your monitor is probably your most important computing purchase after the computer.

A good monitor can reduce eye strain, Read More