Today’s article: Daylighting

Along with my co-author, the architect, Michael Pellegrino, I wrote this piece on the green-energy practice called daylighting for the SAGE publication on Green Energy. The publication itself is crazy expensive and neither I nor Michael get any compensation if you purchase it, but please follow the link in the picture if you’re interested.


by Ron Keith and Michael Pellegrino

(Daylight through Pantheon Oculus by Per Palmkvist Knudsen used under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.)

Daylighting is the practice of using natural daylight to illuminate the interior of buildings, reducing the need for artificial light and, as a result, increasing the energy efficiency of those buildings. Though, primarily thought of as a source of illumination, daylighting can also serve as an adjunct to heating and cooling systems, further reducing a building’s artificial energy requirements.

Often a necessary element of pre-modern building design, and an aesthetic element in the late nineteenth and twentieth century, daylighting as implemented in contemporary architecture is used as an innovative solution to energy efficiency and sustainability problems. Read More