Illegal Upload by ron keith

Hi, everyone. Anyone? : )

My book is finished. It’s a short read, a novelette, right around 9000 words.

I think it’s a good story, well written and a fun read. I hope you agree.

Here’s the Amazon link to the book:

Illegal Upload
Illegal Upload by ron keith

Sam is trapped. Trapped in the alternate reality of AfterLife. He uploaded, leaving his body behind, to be with his online love, but things didn’t work out quite as he planned. Now, if he doesn’t get back in time, reapers will harvest his body.

Sam’s only help is the extractor, Myzaal Nightthorn, a quirky girl with a mean pair of phase batons. Together, they must travel through the Techno Fae sim, a realm of sensual distractions, all while staying ahead of the Mal hounds pursuing them.

Will they make it?


Illegal Upload is only available through Amazon, right now, but I’m working on getting it to other distributors.


Why I’m avoiding ebook cover design houses.

A month later and I’m still looking for a ebook cover designer.

This is mostly my fault. I’m being selective and fussy about who I hire, because I want to develop a relationship with a designer.

I’m trying to avoided the big design houses, though, which would probably keep my prices lower and make this whole process faster. I’m sure I’d be done with my cover designer hunt, now, if I went with one of the many design houses that seem to be out there.

There are two reasons, in my opinion for avoiding these places: the price isn’t significantly better – if at all – and I don’t want to be a widget in a machine. Writing a book is a creative process, so is designing a book cover. If it’s mass produced it’s going to look mass produced.

So the hunt goes on.

Looking for a book cover artist.

I’m still making progress on my novelette. Now, I’m in the hunt for someone to do the cover art.

Overall, my beta reading experience was positive, but I could easily see where someone else could have very different result. In fact, one review was so brutal if I had been new to writing and less confident, I might have just folded and gone back to writing only for myself, at the least, or even given up writing, at the worse.

That aside, I got some good feedback and found a pro-editor (She was beta reading for free to build up her client list. Very smart.) I used for the final, ready-to-publish version of the manuscript.

So now, I need a cover artist, someone pro but not too expensive. I’m willing to pay a little, but since I don’t expect to make a lot of money, if any, on this learning project, I’d like to keep the costs down.